Tree Removal Permit

The Town of Tyrone allows for a limited number of trees to be removed from your property each year.  The allowable limit for removal is no more than five trees per acre that are less than 24 inches in diameter within a single calendar year.

This limit does not count exempted trees, which include any dead, diseased, structurally unsound or infested tree trees which constitute a danger to human life or property as determined by the county extension service, the state forestry commission, a certified arborist, a registered forester, or the Town Manager.

In addition, the removal of any underbrush and trees less than 6 inches in diameter are always allowed.  This provision does not apply to landscaping trees on commercial properties.

If you need to remove more than the allowable limit for your property, a permit will be needed.  To submit a request for a permit, please fill out the required information below.

Before beginning this form, please have ready pictures of the trees marked for removal as well as a short explanation for the removal.

Tree Removal Permit

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