Items for Bid

2021 Roadside Tree Pruning and Removal, Town of Tyrone # PW-2021-10

2021 Town of Tyrone Facilities Fertilization and Weed Control

2021 Miscellaneous Drainage Improvements

2021 Asphalt Resurfacing Project

Bid# PW-2021-01 2021 Sidewalk Repairs Estates and Southampton

**3/15/2020 – This project was awarded to Aabby.**

Bid# TH-2020-03: Natural Gas Powered Standby Generator

The Town of Tyrone is seeking bids for a 100KW Natural Gas powered standby generator for its new Municipal Complex. ALL the necessary information is provided below:

Bid#TH-221-2020: 2020 Residential Curbside Solid Waste Collection Services

**11/05/2020 – This project was awarded to AMWaste.**

PLEASE NOTE: The date for the mandatory pre-bid conference has been changed to September 9, 2020 at 10 a.m. The original meeting was scheduled for Labor Day. See Addendum 2.

Bid# PZ-2020-001 Town of Tyrone Livable Centers Initiative Study

** 10/13/2020 – Notification of intent to select POND Co. for RFP PZ-2020-001**

** 10/09/2020 – Please note that the bidder interview location only has been changed to 950 Senoia Road, Tyrone, GA 30290**

** Please note that bidder interviews have been moved to Tuesday, October 6th 2020 starting at 8:30am at Tyrone Town Hall, 881 Senoia Road, Tyrone, GA 30290**

Bid#TH-220-2020: 2020 Town Hall Landscaping

**On September 3, 2020, the 2020 Town Hall Landscaping project was awarded to Aabby**

Bid#TPI-20101-2020: 2020 Asphalt Resurfacing Project

**On 4/2/2020, the 2020 Asphalt Resurfacing Project was awarded to Piedmont Paving**

RFP#TT-200-2020: Right of Way Mowing and Grounds Maintenance Services

**On 4/2/2020, the 2020 Right of Way Mowing and Grounds Maintenance Services Project Number TT-200-2020 was awarded to Aabby**

Bid#TPI-0100-2020: Sidewalk Repairs River Oaks and Farr Road

**On 4/2/2020, the 2020 Sidewalk Repairs River Oaks and Farr Road Project Number TPI-0100-2020 was awarded to Aabby**

RFP#2019-TH-01: Low Voltage Contractor for new Municipal Building Project

  • November 8, 2019 UPDATE: This project was awarded to Communication Cabling Specialists
  • October 21, 2019 UPDATE: The mandatory pre-bid meeting was held on Friday October 18 at 10am. Bids will not be accepted from any firms that were not in attendance at that meeting.
  • The Town of Tyrone is seeking sealed bids from qualified contractors for the installation of low voltage cable (network and cable TV), key card access control, A/V for selected areas, and security cameras.
  • Sealed bids are due no later than 2pm on November 6, 2019.
  • A mandatory pre-bid conference will be held at the Tyrone Police Department (945 Senoia Road) on October 18, 2019 at 10am.
  • NOTE: ALL prospective bidders MUST send an email to the Town Manager announcing your intent to bid. You will receive a copy of the building plans upon receipt of that email. Details and email address are in the RFP document below.
  • Download the RFP: Low Voltage RFP
  • Georgia Procurement Registry Link for this bid:
  • Addendum 1, release date October 8, 2019: Low Voltage Addendum 1
  • Addendum 2, release date October 16, 2019: Low Voltage Addendum 2
  • Addendum 3, release date October 21, 2019: Low Voltage Addendum 3
  • Addendum 4, release date November 4, 2019: Low Voltage Addendum 4

Tyrone Municipal Court – Probation Management Services

The Tyrone Municipal Court is seeking bids for a new Probation Management Service.

Sealed bids are due no later than October 31, 2019 at 10:00 am. Bids will be opened at that time.

For questions, contact:
April Spradlin, Court Clerk

Download the RFP:
RFP Document

Georgia Procurement Registry Link for this bid:

Tyrone Municipal Complex – Construction Manager At Risk

The Town of Tyrone desires to retain the services of a professional Construction Manager At Risk (CM) firm for the management, under a construction management/contractor at-risk
format, for the construction of a new Town Hall in Fayette County, Georgia.

All bids are due no later than April 18, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. The full RFP document is available on the State Procurement Website at the link below.

This bid was awarded to Parrish Construction.

Notice of Project Out for Bid: “Town of Tyrone – 2019 Sanitary Sewer System Extension”

For official information please visit Georgia Local Government Access MARKETPLACE at the link below:

Or contact, Goodwyn Mills and Cawood. 6120 Powers Ferry Rd. NW, Suite 350, Atlanta, Georgia 30339.  Tel: 770.952.2481

 This bid was awarded to Crawford Grading.

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