Public Works

Public Works Director/ Town Engineer
Scott Langford
770-487-4038 Ext.109


Applications & Requests

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Mission & Responsibilities

The Public Works Department’s pledge is to serve the residents of this great community. This department’s responsibilities are extremely numerous and cover a wide range of job functions.

As an example; the Public Works Department would be responsible for the general maintenance of the Town’s many buildings and structures, maintaining the Right of Ways, overseeing the lawn maintenance contract, maintaining over 1,200 stormwater related structures, including all of the detention ponds and waterways as well as the removal and disposal of all of the road kill that occurs on highway 74 and any streets within the Town limits. These are just a few of the items that this department works on each day.

The Public Works Department works very closely with not only the Town’s Police Department, but with the staff of our Environmental Department, Town Clerk, Building Department, Planning & Zoning Department, the Library and the Recreation Department.

The Public Works Department encourages any resident with a concern to please contact us. A link to the “Service Request Form”, which can be filled out and e-mailed to the address provided. Of course, any resident can always call and leave a message. We will promptly respond to each service request.

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