Town of Tyrone Occupational Tax Registration/Renewal


The following documentation must be completed, signed, and notarized before beginning an application. Once an application form is started, it cannot be saved.

Businesses located in Tyrone must pay an annual Occupational Tax. All applications for new businesses and renewals must complete a Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (S.A.V.E) Affidavit and Private Employer Affidavit (E-Verify). PLEASE UPLOAD BOTH AFFIDAVITS, SIGNED AND NOTARIZED WITH A COPY OF YOUR  CURRENT DRIVER’S LICENSE OR PICTURE ID.

Renewal notices are issued each November. In the event that you do not receive a renewal notice, please remember that it is your responsibility to pay your Occupational Tax by December 31st preceding the year for which the license is issued. FAILURE TO RENEW PRIOR TO THE DEADLINE WILL RESULT IN PENALTIES.

Occupational Tax Registration/Renewal

Please complete this form in order to register for or renew a Tyrone Occupational Tax Certificate.

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    HOME OCCUPATIONS: No use shall create noise, dust, vibration, smell, smoke, glare or electrical interference that would be detectable beyond the dwelling unity or accessory building. The use shall be conducted entirely within the dwelling unit or accessory building and only persons living in the dwelling unit shall be employed at the location of the home occupation. No more than thirty percent (30%) of the dwelling unit may be used for the conduct of the home occupation. No materials, equipment or business vehicles shall be stored or parked on the premises of the home occupation unless they are confined entirely within the residence, except that one (1) business vehicle (the carrying capacity of which shall not exceed one and one half tons) used exclusively by the resident may be parked in a carport, garage, or rear/side yard. In addition, there shall be no storage of mechanical earthmoving equipment at the location of the home occupation unless the property area exceeds five (5) acres. No home occupation shall be operated so as to create or cause a nuisance.
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