Sanitation Provider Change

Tyrone sanitation customers will have a new provider beginning on January 1, 2021 (service begins on January 4th). Our current contract with Republic was set to expire on December 31, 2020 so it was time to seek bids for a new contract. While Republic was one of the four bidders, they elected to raise their costs exponentially (to $74.01/qtr). This, along with an increase in service complaints over the last couple of years, resulted in the Town selecting AMWaste going forward.

Republic will conduct its last pick up on December 31, 2020 and AMWaste will begin service on January 4th.

Current sanitation customers will receive an AMWaste cart and welcome packet by December 18, 2020.

Republic customers are asked to leave their cans out after the last pick up so that their team can get them collected. This may take a couple of days.

Click here for more information about our transition to AMWaste.

Brandon Perkins
Author: Brandon Perkins

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