Sanitation News Update


Just a reminder to all Tyrone sanitation customers that you will begin seeing bills from Republic Services for your sanitation (a/k/a garbage) accounts. It is anticipated that these bills will go out no later than the first part of April and you will finally have the option for online payments for your account. Please do not bring bills from Republic to Town Hall as we will not be able to accept your payment.

As of March 31st, the Town will no longer accept any payments for sanitation accounts. As such, you may have received a bill within the last week or so for any balance that you owe to the Town for sanitation services, which may or may not include late fees. Accounts and balances will not be carried forward to Republic when they assume the billing. Any account not paid in full to the Town by March 31st runs the risk of being turned over to a payment collection agency.

Please note, that the green sanitation payment box outside Town Hall will be removed next Friday, March 2nd. If you place your payment in the white box, the Town may not receive it as that box is controlled by the Fayette County Water Department and should be used for their bills only!

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