Application for Employment (Clicking on the application link will prompt you to download the application in a Word document.)

The town of Tyrone currently has the following opening(s) (updated February 21, 2017):

1. Town Manager 

Mgr Announcement

Town Manger qualifications

2. Public Safety Clerk

Full details, including the job description and application, are available on the Police Department website.

The Town of Tyrone is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

On January 1, 2010, all cities that are required to participate in E-verify* must permanently post their federally issued user identification number and date of authorization on their website. Covered cities that do not maintain a website must annually publish the identification and date of authorization in the legal organ fort he county.

*(O.C.G.A. Section 13-10-91 requires that all public employers register and participate with E-verify).

The Town of Tyrone participates in E-Verify.

Federally issued user identification number: 104809

Date of Authorization: 03/04/08

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