Planning and Zoning

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Planning Functions: The Town of Tyrone Comprehensive Plan is the central document used as a guide for the overall development of the town, providing goals and policy objectives for housing, economic development, natural and historic resources, community facilities, utilities, transportation, land use, and the Capital Improvement Element, and Short Term Work Program for the imposition of impact fees. In addition, the Planning Department maintains a Town GIS (Geographic Information Systems) program as well as a database of development and demographic statistics. These are used to produce plans, studies, and procedures that guide the development of the Town, addressing issues of public facilities and services, environmental quality, and ensuring a safe, healthy environment.

Zoning Functions: The Zoning Ordinance contains information on the various zoning districts and overlay districts in the town. Each district lists the permitted and conditional uses that are allowed along with development lot size, width, and setbacks. Tyrone’s two overlay districts include the Town Center District and Highway 74 Quality Growth District; these districts include modified developmental requirements as well as architectural standards. Applications for rezoning, variances, preliminary plats, final plats, site plans, and text amendments are submitted to Town Hall. These applications are distributed to various other town and county departments for comments and scheduled for public hearings if applicable. The town also administers a Sign Ordinance. The Sign Ordinance lists the conditions for signs within the town limits.

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