Building Department


Mission Statement

To deliver a service to the citizens of Tyrone that will verify structures are constructed in accordance with the construction codes and standards for the purposes of safeguarding the safety, health and general welfare of the public from hazards attributed to the built environment.

Guiding Principles:

  • Place the public’s welfare above all other interests and recognize that the chief function of government is to serve the best interest of all the people.
  • Demonstrate integrity and honesty in all transactions and constantly strive for excellence in all matters of ethical conduct.
  • Recognize the continuing need for developing improved safety.
  • Maintain professional competence in all areas of employment responsibility.
  • Enforce the construction codes with fairness and impartiality.


  • Teamwork.
  • Open, honest, on-going and timely communication.
  • Mutual respect and cooperation of all parties involved.

Departmental Functions:
The department’s mission is accomplished through the following three areas:

  • Permitting – Includes the collection of fees, processing of requests for permits and inspections, and providing information to the public.
  • Plans examination – Includes the review of plans and related construction documents for minimum code compliance prior to permit issuance.
  • Inspection – Includes verification that structures are built in accordance with the approved plans, construction codes and within the scope of the permit.If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the Zoning and Development Coordinator by email or by phone at 770-487-4038 ext. 108.

As of July 1, 2014 Residential Home fees will now be done by the Building Valuation Method. The permit will be based on 75% of the Building Valuation. The valuation of the building will be assessed by Safebuilt, the town’s building inspectors, during the plan review process.


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